April 13-14, 2018                                                                

What is CajunCodeFest?

The CajunCodeFest is a coding competition looking for the next innovative idea (app, software, device, etc.) using at least one of the datasets proviided by the CajunCOdeFest Data Portal. In 2018, teams will focus on opioids addressing usuage, treatment or prevention.

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Who can Participate?

All innovators are welcome! The competition is open to developers, students, technology and healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, etc.  

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Why Participate?

The CajunCodeFest brings ideas and talents together to help an issue in healthcare. The 2018 focus is on #DataforOpioids. Teams can win cash and prizes! 

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Opioid Summit and Code-a-thon

Opioid Summit - Friday, April 13, 2018


The summit opens up the discussion on opioid usage, treatment and prevention. The public is invited to attend. Speakers will be announced soon. Reserve your seat today.


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Opioid Code-a-thon - April 13 & 14, 2018


In 2018, teams will use data to build innovative apps and tools addressing  the opioid epidemic for cash, prizes and bragging rights. The competition is open to students (K-12 or college), programmers and healthcare professionals. Teams can have a maximum of 6 members, and stuydent teams can have a Team Mentor. Please see competition details and frequently asked questions for more information 


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The CajunCodeFest Summit and Code-a-thon, hosted by the Center for Business & Information Technologies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is April 13 & 14, 2018. The summit is held in conjunction with a code-a-thon challenge focusing on opioid usage, treatment and prevention. The competition is open to all students and professionals. Teams use data to build apps and tools addressing the opioid epidemic to win cash, prizes and bragging rights. 

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